Chili Peppers36 Shots(Ghost Peppers, Devil's Tongue, Dragon's Breath, Carolina Reaper)



Assortment with 36 shots per piece. Four assorted pieces!

A: Triple layers of effect! Chry. & color dahlia mine up to gold strobe with white strobe, color dahlia, and gold spider. Six shot finale!

B: Brocade crown with white strobe, ti-gold palm with green strobe, flower crown with blue, nishiki willow with green, brocade crown with gold strobe, Six shot finale!  

C: Alternate top-bottom effect.  Cyan with white strobe, brocade crown, gold strobe willow, whistle mine up to red, blue, lemon, purple, cyan, green with color strobe. Six shot finale! 

D: Ti-gold palm with blue and color falling leaves, red strobe and silver fish, gold chry., nishiki willow, red and white strobe, green and gold strobe.  Six shot finale!

Display Angle: Fan

Packing: 4/1