Sky Overlord, 5" 60gram

Red Lantern


A. brocade crown Ti-gold coconut.  purple & green & red plum flower. white strobe red dahlia.  big silver chrys

B. red coconut chrys. red strobe green dahlia. lemon & red pearls with gold chrys. lemon & red pearls with gold chrys. brocade crown blue & red dahlia

C. green coconut purple dahlia. brocade crown red strobe. green strobe purple dahlia. colorful head time rain willow

D. silver coconut blue dahlia. gold strobe blue dahlia. big silver chrys gold chrys. . Ti gold coconut purple & green dahlia

E. lemon & green pearls silver chrys. colorful strobe(red strobe, green strobe, white strobe, gold strobe). crackling willow red strobe willow. Ti gold coconut gold chrys

F. orange & green dahlia. red strobe willow & white strobe willow. spider with red strobe. Ti gold coconut gold strobe

Display Angle: Straight up

Packing: 4/4/6